Youth Advocacy and Organizing

Being a youth advocate or organizer involves creating an environment where other youth feel like they belong and have an important role to play.

Youth advocacy and organizing builds upon leadership skills you have developed.
As an advocate or organizer you are going beyond asking young people for input. You are working to build their trust and encouraging them to become involved in your local youth network, with the goal of creating and enacting solutions.

Advocacy and organizing fosters collective action and encourages those involved to interact in collaborative ways.

Learn more and develop skills to help youth in your network

Speak Up

Tools to help you facilitate, gather input and develop strategies around community issues and needs.


Guiding the Y-VAL assessment process to incorporate youth and young adult voices in agency-level practices and decision-making.


Helping to engaging youth as key partners for evaluation and research around programs and services of which they are the beneficiaries.